Is Now a Good Time to Buy Towable Tubes for Your Boat?

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I know what you’re thinking. Why are we discussing summer activities in the middle of winter? It’s a fair question. However, the best summers are planned during the winter months. If you’re wondering if now is a good time to buy towable tubes for your boat, the answer is yes. Now is the perfect time to pick out your new favorite towable for the summer ahead.

Not only will you be ready once the weather warms up, but you’ll be ahead of the rest. While everyone else is still browsing for their new summer toys and fighting the demand for sold-out gear, you’ll already be on the water. While they’re waiting for a delivery, you’ll be soaking up the sun. In case that isn’t enough to have you filling up your cart and checking out before spring, here are a few other reasons why this time is the best time to purchase towable tubes.

Better Deals on Towable Tubes

While there are sales and promotions throughout the year, the best deals tend to be during the off-season. Many people are surprised to see towable tubes marked down in the winter months instead of the summer, but water enthusiasts should consider this an incentive to plan ahead.

By stocking up on your favorite tubes in the off-season, you’ll save money and time. Is there anyone that wouldn’t like more of each? With a little extra cash in your pocket and a little extra time on your hands, you can hit the season running as soon as the weather permits.

Gladiator Legend 2-Person Towable Tube
Gladiator Legend 2-Person Towable Tube

Better Selection of Towable Tubes

Not only can you save on the purchase of a new towable by shopping during the off-season, but you’ll have a wider and better selection to choose from. Many manufacturers release their new line of towable tubes in the colder months to create buzz for their designs before summer rolls around. As a result, last year’s models are marked down and promotions are extended for the newer versions.

Scan through your favorites, old and new, to choose the best option for your family. Doing so now, while the weather is colder, allows the items to arrive well in advance and ensures you’re ready to go when the season starts. It’s always nice to have options, especially when it comes to selecting a towable or two for all your boating adventures ahead.

Towable Tubes to Consider

Since we’re discussing why now is a good time to buy a towable tube for your boat, it only seems fair that we offer up a few suggestions of tubes to consider. Whether you’re looking for 4-person, 3-person, 2-person, or 1-person towable tubes, we have you covered. Check out a few of our favorites that are perfect to buy now and enjoy later.

4-Person Towable Tubes

WOW Giant Thriller 4-Person Towable Tube
WOW Giant Thriller 4-Person Towable Tube

Gladiator Motion 4-Person Towable Tube

This tube can be towed from the front or the rear and you can ride it sitting or kneeling. With these options, you can switch up the combination every time you ride for a new experience. 30/24-gauge PVC construction and a full 840/420-denier nylon cover promise long-lasting durability.

WOW Giant Thriller 4-Person Towable Tube

Designed with thrill-seekers in mind, the WOW Giant Thriller has a tapered construction that’s higher in the front to prevent submersion and enhance wake performance. Double-webbed handles offer sturdy contact points for holding on, which you’re going to need – they don’t call this a giant thriller for no reason.

3-Person Towable Tubes

Gladiator Super Brawler 3-Person Towable Tube
Gladiator Super Brawler 3-Person Towable Tube

Gladiator Super Brawler 3-Person Towable Tube

Are you interested in multiple riding positions? Kneeling? Seated? Check, check, check. The Super Brawler has two tow points and offers a comfortable foam seat/kneepad with a backrest to satiate all of your towable cravings. It’s a party on the water.

ZUP Trio Xtra 3-Person Towable Tube

Based on the world’s most popular tube design, the Trio Xtra is a deck-style tube with a low profile that makes it easy to board and more challenging for riders to stay on. The soft neoprene body pads offer up a comfortable, non-chafing ride and a quick-connect tow hook provides easy setup.

2-Person Towable Tubes

O'Brien Super Screamer 2-Person Towable Tube
O’Brien Super Screamer 2-Person Towable Tube

O’Brien Super Screamer 2-Person Towable Tube

The O’Brien Super Screamer is a staple for any towable enthusiast. Known for its long-lasting, 420-denier nylon cover and six convenient handles with EVA knuckle guards, the Super Screamer will leave you breathless. Two EVA pads on the topside and a 70-inch diameter provide an enjoyable ride for one or two riders.

Gladiator Sonix 2-Person Towable Tube

Designed as a cockpit-style tube, the Gladiator Sonix boasts heavy-duty, fully covered, PVC construction with inflatable backrests and seat bottoms. It’s durable. It’s fun. It’s fast. Not only is the ride out of this world, but it inflates and deflates with a lightning valve that’s 57% faster than tubes with a standard valve system.

1-Person Towable Tubes

HO RAD Inflatable Disc
HO RAD Inflatable Disc

HO RAD Inflatable Disc

If you’re searching for a great way to introduce people to riding behind the boat, then call off the search because you’ve found your solution. The HO RAD (Round Aquatic Device) is designed for anyone from beginner to pro. You can sit. You can stand. You can kneel. The riding possibilities are endless so that anyone and everyone will have fun on the water with this towable tube.

WOW Zig Zag Towable Tube

Most towable tubes leave all the control up to the driver of the boat, but not the WOW Zig Zag. This tube allows you to control the ride thanks to its innovative Flex-Wing system. You’ll enjoy the control to steer back and forth, turn, jump, or even perform barrel rolls over the wake. Plus, you can lie down, kneel, sit, or stand for a different ride every time you put it on the water.

Whether you’re thinking about replacing an older towable tube or you’re in the market for a new one, now is a good time to explore buying one for your boat and for the season ahead.

What features do you look for when considering a new towable tube? Tell us in the comments below.


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