Overton’s Complete Guide to Towable Tubes

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Being on the water is all about a healthy balance of relaxation and excitement. There’s no better way to achieve the latter than with a towable tube. Whether you’re looking at a towable for a single or multiple riders, you’ll find plenty of fun once it is connected behind your boat.

Are you new to towable tubes? Not sure where to start? No worries! This complete guide to towable tubes will have you on the water and shouting to your boat driver for another tow in no time. Heads up though, you’re going to be the envy of the lake or river. After all, a good time is contagious.

What to Know About Boating Safety and Towable Tubes

When it comes to watersports, safety always comes first – towable tubes are no exception. Making safety a priority is a choice you’ll never regret. It’s imperative that everyone interested in tubing abides by the proper safety protocols to avoid accidents and injury.

Boating Safety Tips

  • The driver is the primary person responsible for boat safety, which means not consuming alcohol or drugs when operating a boat.
  • Always read the instructions/manuals that come with your towable tube.
  • Wear a properly fitting life jacket.
  • Make sure the tube is sufficiently inflated.
  • Understand state and local laws regarding tow boats and towables.
  • Only use a tow rope rated for the type of towable and number of riders being towed.
  • Employ a spotter, in addition to the driver, inside the boat.
  • Establish hand signals between everyone before getting in the water.
  • Never exceed 20 miles per hour when towing an inflatable.
  • Tow only one towable at a time.

1-Person Towable Tubes

AIRHEAD Rebel Towable Tube
AIRHEAD Rebel Towable Tube

The perfect choice for beginners, a one-person towable tube is the gateway inflatable to the larger, multi-person tubes you’ve probably seen. It’s the best option for a comfortable ride and some solo fun. There’s no wrong reason to choose a single-rider towable tube.

O’Brien Le Tube 1-Person Towable Tube

If you want to skip across the water like a smooth stone, the O’Brien Le Tube is the towable for you. First released over 25 years ago, the Le Tube has been delivering fun on the water for decades because of its focus on design and performance.

Made from 24-gauge PVC and partially covered by a 420-denier nylon cover, the Le Tube offers four handles with EVA knuckle guards so you can find a comfortable position to hold on for the ride of a lifetime.

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2-Person Towable Tubes

Jobe Proton Two-Person Towable Tube
Jobe Proton Two-Person Towable Tube

Two is company, right? Grab your best friend, significant other, sibling, or person you just met and hop on a two-person towable tube. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to bond.

There’s something about the wind in your hair, water splashing around you, and heart-warming belly laughs that make a day in the sun the best day ever. Pick your partner and hold on tight, nothing else compares.

Gladiator Sonix 2-Person Towable Tube

The cockpit-style Sonix towable tube is heavy-duty, fully covered, and boasts a PVC construction for hours and hours…and hours of fast fun.

The inflatable backrests and seat bottoms ensure you’re as comfortable as possible while the soft foam handles with EVA knuckle guards provide the perfect place to grab on before take-off. Enjoy every second! Time flies when you’re having fun.

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3-Person Towable Tubes

Airhead Poparazzi 3-Person Towable Tube
Airhead Poparazzi 3-Person Towable Tube

Three might be a crowd elsewhere, but never on the water, especially with a three-person towable tube. Channel your favorite trio — the Three Amigos, Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Three Stooges, Charlie’s Angels, Destiny’s Child — and climb aboard the deck of an inflatable designed to triple the fun.

WOW Big Bazooka 3-Persona Towable Tube

Most towables render the riders helpless when it comes to steering, but not the WOW Big Bazooka. The Flex-Wing system allows riders to navigate by themselves or as a team as they fly back and forth over the wake. The best part? You can stand, kneel, sit, or lie down while holding onto any of the 10 webbing handles. It takes towable tubes to a whole new level.

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4-Person Towable Tubes

WOW Giant Thriller 4-Person Towable Tube
WOW Giant Thriller 4-Person Towable Tube

For those looking for a party on the water, a four-person towable tube is exactly your speed. Remember the promise of excitement we mentioned in the beginning? These inflatables are where you’ll find it. With numerous straps, handles, and holding positions for riders to hold on to, a four-person tube proves the more really is the merrier.

Gladiator Great Big Brawler 4-Person Towable Tube

With quick-connect tow points on the front and back, the Gladiator Great Big Brawler brings adventurous versatility to the water. Riders can sit, kneel, or recline on the foam seat/kneepad with a backrest for their ideal tubing experience.

Featuring a heavy-duty, double-stitched, full nylon cover and a durable RF-welded K80 PVC bladder, this great big tube delivers great big fun every time it hits the water.

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What About Tube Ropes, Tube Pumps, and Accessories?

Overton's Heavy-Duty 4-Person Tube Rope
Overton’s Heavy-Duty 4-Person Tube Rope

Choosing the perfect towable tube is always a fun shopping experience, but don’t forget a quality tube rope, tube pump, and other accessories. Nothing ruins a day on the water like realizing you’re unprepared to use your new towable tube.

Stock up on a few tube ropes rated for the inflatable you’re towing behind the boat, so you’re ready to hit the water as soon as possible. It’s wise to have a spare in case the rope breaks for any reason.

Overton's 110V High-Pressure Inflator Deflator Air Pump
Overton’s 110V High-Pressure Inflator Deflator Air Pump

There are also inflators, storage bags, and other accessories that make your time on the water easier and more enjoyable. Air pumps quickly inflate your towable tube and ensure it has enough air throughout the day to perform as designed, while a mesh storage bag gives you somewhere to store your towable once you’ve called it a day and allows it to dry completely before your next excursion.

Shop Towable Tubes at Overton’s

AIRHEAD Big Orange Cone 4-Person Towable Tube
AIRHEAD Big Orange Cone 4-Person Towable Tube

Browse Overton’s full selection of towable tubes from single riders to multiple riders and from deck designs to multi-position tubes. Soon enough, you’ll be part of the excitement they bring to your time on the water.

Looking for a float to relax on after a day of adventures? Look no further. Overton’s has those, too.

Have you ever been on a towable tube? Tell us what you look for when choosing one!


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