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A Complete Guide to PWC Lifts

PWC Lift at Sunset

Everyone could use a lift from time to time.

Whether you’re having a rough day on the water or the fish are being particularly stingy with their bites, a pick-me-up is right around the bend. When it comes to your personal watercraft (PWC), a lift isn’t just an option — it’s a necessity.

Similar to your boat in that it allows you access to the water for hours of fun and entertainment, your PWC needs the same level of care and protection to last. Whether it’s the middle of summer or the off-season, a PWC lift can be the difference between riding whenever you want or spending unexpected time and money to repair your PWC.

Why You Need a PWC Lift

Roll-N-Go PWC Shore Ramp
Roll-N-Go PWC Shore Ramp

Many boat owners and waterfront homeowners find themselves with a PWC or two as another way to enjoy their time on the water. While a jet ski or PWC is a fraction of the investment a boat is, it is still an investment worth protecting.

Here are a few reasons why you need a PWC lift:

Prevent Corrosion and Marine Growth

If your PWC is in the water all the time, it becomes an easy target for corrosion and marine growth. The finish of your PWC will wear down rapidly, with the paint and protective outer coat deteriorating from the constant water exposure.

With a PWC lift, your PWC is kept out of the water, reducing the possibility of corrosion or marine growth over time.

Easy Access for Cleaning and Maintenance

By having your PWC lifted out of the water, you have an ideal vantage point to access any issues as they develop instead of noticing them when they become worse. Cleaning your PWC is also an easier task once it’s out of the water.

Applying wax can seem daunting, but with a lift, it suddenly becomes a breeze. Keeping your PWC clean and healthy should always be a priority; a PWC lift ensures those are easy boxes to check for your PWC’s seasonal maintenance needs.

Keep Debris Away

With our bodies of water not being as clean as they should and could be, unfortunately, debris can float toward and into your PWC. But litter isn’t the only thing that can accumulate when your PWC is left in the water for long periods of time.

Leaves, sticks, logs, and anything else a heavy storm blows around will end up in your PWC unless you have a lift. Keeping your PWC on a PWC lift when not in use also keeps unwanted debris away.

The Chance of Sinking is Reduced

It’s the worst nightmare for owners of everything from the largest yachts to the smallest jet skis — sinking. If your watercraft takes on water because of a small leak or some other reason, it could sink below the surface of the water before you have a chance to notice.

Pulling your PWC from under the water and repairing any issues caused as a result is costly and time-consuming. A PWC lift keeps your PWC out of the water, significantly reducing the chance of it sinking.

Types of PWC Lifts

Roll-N-Go PWC 11' Shore Ramp
Roll-N-Go PWC 11′ Shore Ramp

While many PWC owners keep their watercraft secured to a dock, a PWC lift can offer a higher level of security that a dock simply cannot. With a dock, your PWC doesn’t run the risk of floating away, but it can float back and forth while secured, potentially hitting the dock and suffering damage.

A PWC lift removes that possibility by elevating your PWC in addition to keeping it secure during a storm or otherwise. There are different types of PWC lifts that work on their own and in conjunction with an existing dock.

Floating or Drive-On PWC Lift

Typically attached to the side of a floating dock, a floating or drive-on PWC lift is a budget-friendly option. Simply drive your PWC onto the lift while the lift floats the watercraft above and out of the water.

Dock-Mounted PWC Lift

With a dock-mounted PWC lift, your PWC is lifted completely out of the water. This option offers the most protection for your PWC and a lift combination. These are mounted on the side of a fixed dock or pier.

Shop all jet ski and PWC lifts!

PWC lifts, regardless of type, are available in both single and double options. Given the nature of personal watercraft — in both fun and investment — it’s common that an owner will have more than one and would need to lift both.

PWC Lifts & More

PWC on Water
Image: Shutterstock

When it comes to doing anything on the water, you often find the exciting part is in the accessories. PWC lifts aren’t any different. While the lift itself is a great way to protect your PWC, the right boat accessories can take your experience to the next level. (Pun intended!)

  • Overton’s Malibu Boat Lift Bunk Carpet — Produced from the highest quality UV-stabilized continuous filament polypropylene yarns, this bunk carpet resists mold, mildew, and stains.
  • PWC Boarding Ladder — Climbing onto your PWC is easier than ever with this convenient, no-tools installation boarding ladder. It supports up to 300 pounds and stores under the seat or front compartment of your PWC.
  • Roll-N-Go PWC 11’ Shore Ramp — The welded aluminum construction and stainless-steel hardware make this rugged, lightweight shore ramp the fastest and easiest way to get your PWC on and off the water. It even comes with a winch, 25’ strap, tie-down, and easy-glide keel rollers.

So, the next time you’re in need of a pick-me-up, think about a PWC lift. Not only will a lift protect your investment when it’s not in use, but it will take fun and peace of mind to all new heights.

What is your favorite part of using a PWC? Tell us in the comments below!


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