Best Bass Jigs for 4 Different Fishing Scenarios

bass jigging with a spinning reel

It’s no secret that jigs are some of the most prolific bass fishing lures on the market. And while some bass jigs are great for all purpose fishing in general, there are some that are ideal for very specific conditions.

The jig is as versatile a bait as you can imagine. So if you find yourself in any of these conditions, consider tying on one of these guys.

Clear, Open Waters

Booyah Baits Swim'n Jig
Image from Overton’s.

I know what you’re thinking. “Clear, open water? I’m going to fish whatever I want to.” Sure, and you can. But you can also fish a jig. A swim jig, fished with a quick retrieve, can do the trick as well as any other bait. I like the Booyah Swim’n Jig. It does well in open water, but also boasts being “the most weedless jig available.”

 Muddy Waters

war eagle flipping jig for bass
Image from Overton’s.

Thick, gross water you can’t see into? There’s a jig for that. A dark colored fishing jig, like this War Eagle Flipping Jig, creates enough action to draw the fish out of their hiding spots. Add the rattle (which can be turned on or off on the War Eagle), and the fish won’t have any problem seeking this bait out.

Heavily Rocky Bottom Conditions

strike king tour grade football head jig
Image from Overton’s.

I’ve lost more lures to rocky bottoms than I’m really willing to admit. But a good football head jig bounces right along the large rocks and attract the big bass who love to hang out around those areas. I like the Strike King Tour Grade. The heavy head keeps it upright, so the hooks won’t get snagged. Dreams do come true.

When the Fish Just Aren’t Biting

war eagle heavy finesse bass jig
Image from Overton’s.

I’ve got a love/hate thing with slow days on the water. It’s great being out there, but man, I’d always rather be catching fish. When the bass are on a diet, there’s nothing more temping than the War Eagle Heavy Finesse Jig. It’s extra weight bounds through heavy weed cover, so you can get exactly where the bass are hiding.

Have any jigs you like for certain conditions? Leave a comment below.


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