The Gear Your Kids Need to Love Fishing for a Lifetime

A small child fishing on a lake

Look, let’s get this out of the way. I know perfectly well that the act of fishing isn’t about materialism, but rather the opportunity to be outside, enjoying our favorite pastime with our families. It’s about communing with nature, seeing the smile on your kid’s face as she reels in that bass that’s bigger than anything you’ve caught.

Trust me. I get that part.

But, I also get that we, as anglers, are naturally inclined to also be gear-and-tackle fiends. And the way kids love gadgets, there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t be at least a little drawn to enjoy the material side of fishing too.

This isn’t to take away from the life lessons you’ll learn as a kid out fishing. However, that Mickey Mouse rod and reel combo only goes so far, you know?

Rod and Reel Combo

A kid's rod and reel
Image from Overton’s.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with a rod and reel that’s themed with America’s favorite mouse, but a lot of kids’ combos these days are well beyond that. If nothing else, they come in bright colors that will make your kid feel more like they’re wielding a high-tech piece of sci-fi technology.

Find a lightweight combo made of fiberglass. Many of them come pre-strung with light monofilament line, so they’ll be ready to go right when they hit the lake.

Personal Tackle Box

a kid's spider-man themed tackle box
Image by Overton’s.

Seeing you haul around your tackle box will, without a doubt, inspire a lot of envy in your little one. Load them up with their own tackle box, where they can keep a small assortment of hooks, bobbers, and lures like plastic worms.

It’ll give them their own selection and make them feel like they have more control over what they’re doing out there, and also (hopefully) teach them a thing or two about organization. Because let’s be real—we could all stand to learn that lesson when it comes to our tackle boxes.

Fishing Vest

Kid's fishing vest
Image from Overton’s.

A key part of doing anything when you’re a kid is looking the part. A good fishing hat (which doesn’t only add to the look but also protects from the sun) is always a bright idea, but what will really excite them is a fishing vest.

With lots of surprising pockets to hide things like worms and snacks (which they hopefully won’t accidentally confuse), they’ll feel much more like a real angler.

Soft Plastic Lures

lure plastic worm
Image from Overton’s

You’ll want to fill out their tackle box too, and while you do want to teach them safety around hooks, loading up with soft plastic lures is a good idea. Plastic come in bright colors and they work well as a lure—even when they aren’t rigged properly.

Shop the selection at Overton’s for all of the options you need to help your kids love fishing for a lifetime.


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