8 Reasons You Need an Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

Did you know that people have been paddle boarding thousands of years?

This form of travel dates back to ancient Peru. Locals used floating boards and paddles to fish and surf. The modern day version of this ancient sport has become one of the most popular water sports.  

And with the surge in popularity, paddle board technology has improved by leaps and bounds.

With the advent of inflatable boards, a whole new world of paddle board options is now open. Here are our top 8 reasons you need an inflatable stand up paddle board.

1. Paddle Boarding is Great Exercise

It gets you on your feet. If you’re a fan of the elliptical machine at the gym, you’ve got to try this. A good paddle board session puts the elliptical to shame. Your core muscles will thank you. And the inflatable version is so versatile, you can take your workout wherever you want.

It’s a great balance exercise. Riding a board takes skill and balance. To amp up the balance requirements, take your board onto choppier water, like a river or the ocean. The great part of the inflatable boards is that they can go anywhere you can.

2. Take Your Inflatable Board Anywhere

The number one reason to opt for an inflatable board is portability. Inflatable boards usually weigh between 15 lbs and 40 lbs. So you can carry them anywhere.

Board packages usually come with: the board, a backpack, a high-pressure pump, a fin set, and a paddle. Some packages come with extra accessories like a cell phone dry bag, coil leash, and even a repair kit.

Check out the Flex 106 Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board available on our website. This board is a great all-around board and it comes with a bunch of accessories.

Planning for air travel? Your inflatable board can come along with you. Deflate it and pack it away in the backpack. Since it’s lightweight, check it like you would any other luggage.

Once you get to your destination, haul it on busses, taxis, or trains with no extra equipment required.

The boards are designed for easy inflating and deflating. You’ll have access to a whole new world of off-the-path water access with an inflatable board package.

3. Store It Anywhere

Not only can you take an inflatable board anywhere, but you can store it anywhere too. If you want to take a hard board out of the house, you’ll need a car rack to mount it while you drive.

No rack, no problem with the inflatable board. They fold up into nice, neat packages. So stow it in your trunk or backseat. It takes up no more room than a medium-sized suitcase.

And an inflatable board is definitely the best option for those with limited storage at home. No garage or storage shed required. This little bundle fits right into any closet.

4. Better Cushion for Falls

You’re bound to have falls, especially if you’re starting out. Although they are sturdy, inflatable boards aren’t as hard as other types of boards.

The air and soft plastic provide a great cushion. So if you fall, you’ll feel less of an impact. That makes them great for children too.

5. Easier to Learn On

Are you a beginner? Inflatable boards are often more stable. Which means you’ll have an easier time learning on one. And you’ll spend less time in the water.

Most inflatable stand up paddle boards have traction pads on top for better grip and less slip.

If you’re interested in doing yoga or other fitness routines on the water, an inflatable board is the way to go. More stability means an easier time holding those yoga poses.

Plus, you can get them in different shapes and sizes, depending on how you plan to use your board. Check out Gander Outdoors’ full line of paddle boards. We offer some great options, from all-around boards to gliders.

6. Durable and Rigid

These boards aren’t messing around. A high-quality inflatable board is made of heavy-duty PVC or raft rubber. They can withstand a ton of abuse and air pressure with no damage or tearing.

When inflated to the correct PSI, a good inflatable board is just as rigid as a hard board. Meaning you won’t cause the board to bend in the middle with your weight. And if you get the right size board, they can handle riders of almost any weight.

Because they can withstand high air pressure, the plastic is also able to take a beating from rocks. On a rocky shoreline or in a river, a hard-sided paddle board could get scratched and damaged. But an inflatable board will bounce right off of those rocks, like a river raft would.

7. Save Rental Money

Renting paddle boards can get expensive. If you take the leap and buy your own board, it will pay off in the long run. You’ll be able to use it whenever and wherever you want without having to fork over the dough every time.

Especially if you’re planning to vacation with it. Rental rates in high traffic tourist areas are even higher.

8. Fido Will Love It

Do you like to exercise with your dog? If so, an inflatable paddle board is what you need! The bigger, all-around boards are the most stable. So you and your best friend can both fit.

And since it’s inflatable, you can deflate it and roll it up into the carrying pack. That way you’ve got your hands open to walk your dog back to your car. Instead of having a big, bulky board to carry too!

Get Your Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Today

Paddle boarding has become one of the most popular water sports around. It’s a great way to see the view, get your core workout, and enjoy the water.

And with an inflatable stand up paddle board, you can have the luxuries of a high-quality board without having to sacrifice ease of travel. What are you waiting for? Visit one of our locations today to get expert advice on which board is right for you.

Interested in more info on active sports? Check out Gander Outdoors’ active sports selection. We’ve got everything from paddling to skating. And all the accessories to go along with your sport!

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