Reasons to go Kayaking More Often

Lady paddling the kayak in the calm tropical bay

Kayaking is one of those watersports that interest a lot of people. It’s easy to get into, is realitively low-skill and low-risk, and isn’t wildly expensive. While thousands of people have rented a kayak once or twice in their lives, it’s worth it to take things to the next level and go kayaking more often.

It doesn’t matter if this means you buy yourself a kayak or you rent a kayak more often (buying will be cheaper in the long run), but I highly encourage you to get out on the water more often to enjoy this extremely fun watersport. Here are some reasons why you should go kayaking more often.

To See Unique Places and Go Adventuring

Woman kayaking in Geiranger fjord in Norway.
Image by Glenn Pettersen from Getty

One of the best things about kayaking is it provides you with opportunities to see various places and experience adventures you couldn’t otherwise. Kayaking is unique in that you can fit down shallow streams and rivers that other boats can’t. It’s a fantastic way to take in large bodies of water at your own pace.

This is what makes taking a kayak along on a trip or renting a kayak on your next vacation so much fun. It will let you further explore the place your visiting in ways that you otherwise couldn’t. The next trip you take, consider taking your kayak along or checking into guided kayaking tours.

Live in a urban environment? Kayaking is still for you. If your city or community has rivers, canals, or creeks you can kayak these and learn to appreciate your surroundings more. I don’t think you’ve seen every inch of your community even if you’ve lived their your whole life. Kayaking is a great way to explore your area further.

It’s Fantastic Exercise

Kayaking is a fantastic way to stay in shape. According to the Journal of Sports Science Medicine, kayaking is a great way to build cardiovascular strength. The study published in the journal actually showed that many kayakers breathe more efficiently than most other people and some other athletes.

It works far more than just your arms. When kayaking your core, shoulders and vast majority of your upper body are engaged. If you want some killer arms, abs, shoulders and back muscles, then kayaking is something you should be doing.

You Can Get Closer to Nature

Adventuresome Woman kayaking along a beautiful tropical jungle river. Paddling along a calm beautiful river in a scenic natural backdrop
Image by Yobro10 from Getty

Sometimes we lead such busy lives we have trouble slowing down and taking a minute to enjoy the world around us. Kayaking afford you that opportunity. It lets you reconnect with nature in a way that some other outdoor activities don’t. There’s a solitude out on the water that facilitates reflection and allows you to embrace the world around you.

It’s also a way to see amazing wildlife. On one kayaking trip I managed to see deer, countless bird species, a racoon, bass, gar, and several other fish. It helped me remember that we’re a part of an ecosystem, and even if you kayak in an urban environment you’re bound to come across some kind of animal or fish.

Overall, you should kayak because it will make you feel good. Kayaking will help you in multiple ways and you can do it with others if you please. This makes it such a versatile activity.

It’s a watersport that can be practiced vigorously or leisurely. You get to choose your pace and how much time you want to spend out there. If you’re looking for a change of pace, I suggest you spend more time out there paddling around.

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